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Transforming Your Business with Technology

Technical Architecture and  Software Engineering

From Solution Architecture to Software and Infrastructure Architecture we have wide and deep experience and skill.

We can build anything.

Any platform, any language, any level ,any domain – bring it on.  We can tackle highly complex technical tasks, or we can be the senior people on your team to lead and unblock teams.

We love this. Seriously. And wouldn’t you always want to work with the people who are as excited and enthusiastic about your project as you are? 

Come to the dark side – we have cookies!

Data Architecture and Engineering

Data is the actual, living, breathing heart of any organization.  It needs to be governed, understood, accessible, and made to drive decisions and engagement.

If you are dealing with legacy data transition, then you know that data can accumulate debt the same way technical debt accumulates. You need to balance the cost of cashing in that debt with the business value of moving it forward – we can help make those decisions and architect around them.

If you are building new then you have the chance to set yourself up for a bright future that allows for pivoting without pain.  But you need to pay attention to how you engineer your data up-front – we can help make those crucial decisions and build them out.

All business strategy begets a data strategy.  Let’s figure it out.

Product and Project Management

Process debt will also kill a project.


We can help you start as you mean to go on – set up projects with process tailored to the goals of the project and the people within it so that they start off as effectively as possible.


We also have experience changing things mid-stream to unblock projects and get people motivated and productive again. Difficult, but not impossible.  If you already know your project is flagging the best time to reset is yesterday.

Process is often viewed dogmatically. We think processes like Agile and Lean give us great patterns and experiences to develop effective processes for individual projects and purposes. 

Let’s figure out what works for your team. 

Multi-Disciplinary Partner Services

Sometimes you need a whole mixed bag of help in different areas and a partner to be there to see it through with you. 

Let us take on some of the weight and the stress so you can focus on running your business. 

This can take on many forms, but the key idea is always the same – let’s share the load, share the stress.

A problem halved is a problem solved.


Let’s figure out what is causing the most headache as see if we can take it on for you and lighten the load. 


Skills and Capabilities

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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

Steve Jobs

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