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Quicksilver Software Development Inc. Unveils new division, Quicksilver Business Innovation Group.

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Victoria, B.C – January 2024. Quicksilver Software Development Inc., proudly announces the establishment of its new division, Quicksilver Business Innovation Group. Drawing inspiration and taking feedback from past transformations, the company aspired to create a dedicated entity focused on championing scalability and fostering growth for businesses. The newly established Quicksilver Business Innovation Group adopts a comprehensive approach, addressing the interplay of people, processes, and technology to drive success.

Technology supports processes, processes support people, people support the business, and the business supports its customers.

Quicksilver Business Innovation Group is dedicated to empowering businesses by optimizing their people's skills, streamlining processes for efficiency, and implementing cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation and growth. As markets evolve at an unprecedented pace, the need for businesses to adapt quickly has become more critical than ever. The core values of the Quicksilver Business Innovation Group reflect the company's commitment to integrity, accountability, commitment, and passion. By providing tailored solutions that facilitate scalability and growth, the division enables businesses to adapt to the dynamic market landscape.

“I once heard the quote: ‘Amateurs study tactics, armchair generals study strategy, but professionals study logistics.’ this prompted a revaluation of our approach to large-scale projects. Logistics combines both strategy and tactics and puts them in context with situational awareness. This means that we must approach transformational projects holistically, examining all aspects of the organization that will be affected and accounting for the people and process that will most certainly be affected. The result is that we harness the intelligence of the entire team to deliver the right things tied to the right outcomes” quotes Chris C, Founder.

Recognizing the central role of people in technology utilization, Quicksilver Business Innovation Group places a high priority on change management. The division understands that neglecting the impacts of change undermines project success, and true success involves a focus on the interplay between technology, people, and processes. Quicksilver Business Innovation Group offers expert diagnostic and strategic services to help businesses achieve their full potential. The team is dedicated to supporting clients every step of the way, ensuring that the solutions provided align seamlessly with their unique needs and goals.

As businesses navigate the challenges of the modern marketplace, Quicksilver Business Innovation Group stands ready to provide the expertise and support needed to achieve scalable success. For more information or to explore how the division can benefit your business, visit or contact us by email at

About Quicksilver Software Development Inc.

Quicksilver Software Development Inc. is known for its commitment to innovation, reliability, and excellence. The company specializes in providing tailored technology solutions that empower businesses to thrive in dynamic and ever-evolving markets.

Press Contact: Katie Tibbetts - - 250.655.4868

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