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Business and Technology Alignment

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Technical Architecture and  Software Engineering Services

Data Architecture and Engineering Services

Product and Project Management Services

Multi-Disciplinary Partner Services

Who We Are

We are technology consultants passionate about making business work better.


We help our clients improve their performance through better use of technology and enhance their competitiveness through innovative ideas and strategies. Our focus is on helping them achieve their goals through more effective use of information, data and people — not just more systems!

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Why Choose Us

Fearless Technology Experts

Our team members have both broad and deep experience and are unafraid of tackling the most difficult technology issues you have.

How hard could it be? :-)

Personalized Service

We offer personalized service to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.  We know each business is as different as the people within it.

Reliable and Accountable

We are reliable and remain accountable and on point for all of our work.  We see ourselves as your technology partner and take your business as seriously as you do.

Experienced and Trusted Advisors

Let us be your experienced advisor who can offer strategic guidance and support you to help your business succeed.

Our Services


We’ve had a great experience working with Quicksilver as our technology partner. They’ve been very responsive to our needs and have provided valuable advice on how to utilize new technologies. They’ve also been instrumental in helping us with architectural design and data designs to ensure that our systems are scalable and efficient.

The team at Quicksilver has been reliable and a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a technology partner that can provide guidance and support in various areas.

Denis Khazan

CTO, Teaching Strategies

Quicksilver was an invaluable partner for our project. When they came on board 8 months into a 12-month project that had seen little progress, they were able to quickly assess the situation and develop a plan to recover it.

Quicksilver’s expertise in agile practices was essential in this recovery, as they set up processes that allowed us to seamlessly act on the future state architectures they developed. These architectures put us in a position to outcompete our rivals and achieve our goals.

The ability to recover our project was crucial to our success and Quicksilver played a key role in making that happen.

Tom Murphy

CTO, Nuspire Networks

Quicksilver exceeded our expectations in developing our organization’s comprehensive membership management system. They replaced multiple systems and our outdated website with one unified solution, complete with a CMS and member self-service capabilities with workflows.

Their attention to detail was impressive, and they were able to get started on the project quickly. They delivered the project on time and within budget, and our management team and members were extremely satisfied with the results.

I highly recommend Quicksilver for their expertise, attention to detail, ability to get started quickly, and delivering top-quality solutions.

Kelly Stofer

Chief Administrative Officer,

Association of BC Land Surveyors

Our Clients

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  • Do you write custom Software?
    Yes we do! And we love it! We write custom software for nearly any operating system, in any language. We have deep experience that can be applied across domains and technologies – give us a call! Try and stump us!
  • I already have an internal team, but we just need some short-term help hitting our project deadlines. Can you help?
    Yes! We can augment your team to help you meet your current project deadlines. We can ramp up quickly to get the right skills on your team – usually within less than two weeks. We will be your execution and delivery partner and monitor quality throughout the process.
  • I am not certain I need a bespoke solution, an off the shelf solution or a mixture of both. Can you help me sort this out?
    Yes! We can help you define and prioritize your requirements, examine the options and choose the best way forward. If this includes a mix of off the shelf and custom, we will make sure that you are only focusing custom work on the things that are truly unique to your business.
  • How does your team approach working and communicating with less technical team members?
    you may not know how but we may not know either together we learn
  • What tools, processes and relationships does your team use to ensure continuous improvements, quality assurance and user acceptance?
    as a team we work to communicate and share continuously
  • How does your team approach the development of user stories, e.g., determining the ‘definition of done’ and assigning story points?
    to know our users and to understand their needs is our greatest task
  • What defines a “high-performing” Scrum team? What metrics does your team use to measure its own performance?
    measure not the one seek to understand the whole the path to growing
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